… your floor is your canvas

Do you want to use your floor as a backdrop for your room or as the star? Whichever you decide, there are many gorgeous yet resilient and long lasting flooring materials to choose from that will enhance the beauty of your home.  Some options are:

Bamboo FlooringBAMBOO
Eco friendly and trendy! Bamboo is a fast growing grass that can be selectively harvested annually. It is comparable to hardwood flooring, but without the high cost associated with it. It is extremely durable and harder than red oak and maple, has 50% less contraction and expansion than wood and is a renewable resource. It is easy to clean with a broom and mop.  In terms of looks, bamboo is beautiful.


Carpeting is ideal for homes in colder climates and is also safer for children running around on, plus, older folks generally prefer it for comfort. Today’s stain protected carpets can be used just about anywhere with little worry of permanent damage occurring. There are more patterns, textures and styles available than ever  -  high pile carpet gives a luxurious feel and effect while low pile carpet is easier to move on.


Ceramic Tile FlooringCERAMIC TILE
Ceramic floor tiles are a great floor material for kitchens, bathrooms and the hallway to your home – many southern homes are tiled right through from front door to back using natural stone tiles, terra cotta tiles, floor grade glazed tiles, porcelain tiles and even lower cost quarry tiles. Tiling can also give your home and your floor a lightness and brightness that you just can’t get with any other solid material – with the option of creating your own unique floor pattern with stronger colored tiles.


Concrete FlooringCONCRETE
A concrete kitchen floor used to be viewed as completely non-imaginative and boring. But this sturdy and dependable material has proved a wise choice in many homes. Concrete floors are good to use throughout the home. Concrete floors are good for those suffering from allergies. It is easy to maintain and repair, if necessary. Concrete flooring is a very cost efficient way to renovate for a new look.


Cork FlooringCORK
Cork is an eco friendly renewable resource material made out of the bark of the cork oak tree and is available in a wide choice of colours and patterns. Cork is strong, affordable and you will have the feeling of walking on air because of its millions of air cells. It absorbs heat and sound, stays warm, repels allergens and does not involve any major maintenance. Imagine your things dropping on the floor and not breaking!


Hardwood FlooringHARDWOOD
Hardwood flooring is very long lasting and gives your room warmth and beauty and suits both contemporary and traditional decors. It is easy to install and can last a lifetime with good maintenance. The variety is quite large in terms of finishes and qualities making the costs vary greatly from one product to another. In terms of color and design, there is a lot of flexibility in the types of wood available today.


Laminate FlooringLAMINATE
Laminate flooring, if installed properly, is a fantastic flooring option and can be every bit as beautiful as a full solid wood floor. Laminate Flooring is made by a high process procedure, which fuses or glues together a sandwich of materials. The top surface has traditionally been wood, but these days just about any flooring material finish can be emulated, even marble or ceramic tiles. Laminate strips often have an edge that clicks together and pulls itself to the next plank, eliminating unsightly gaps.


Slate FlooringSLATE
Very popular among the more stylish homes, slate kitchen flooring is chosen for its looks and performance. It is available in many colors and shapes, so you can be creative with your floor design. Slate is durable, easy to maintain,  and is a wonderful choice for a high traffic area such as the kitchen floor. Slate is a type of natural stone that is unique and when used in your flooring material, can enhance the value of your home. Slate tiles are also ideal if you have radiant heat in your home.


Vinyl Flooring & Linoleum FlooringVINYL & LINOLEUM
Vinyl flooring doesn’t look like it used to – the new wide variations of colors and patterns available make this floor material a very attractive choice.  Vinyl is highly flexible, feels good under your feet, is very durable, is made of eco-friendly material, and comes in a massive variety of colours, designs and patterns. Linoleum has been around for more than a century and has proved that it can practically last forever. Both are inexpensive and easy to install.


GVC is committed to offering quality products and exceptional service.  Ask about setting up an in-home consultation and we’ll bring a few samples to get you inspired.